Bring Back Fighting in the NHL

24 02 2009

The NHL was founded on fighting. It is a huge part of the game, but it seems since the Wayne Gretzky years that fighting has gone by the way side. Fans want to see more of it, the crave it. 

I was watching the Rangers Flyers game a few weeks ago and Rangers forward, Colton Orr, was given a 2 minute penalty for who knows what and a 10 minute game misconduct for doing nothing. They said he was trying to antagonize a fight, and the analysts at intermission simply stated “This isn’t the wimp hockey league.”

If the NHL put more emphasis on allowing fights to occur, and I’m not saying that they don’t allow any fighting, than more fans would make their way back to the game. Like I said it is part of hockey’s history, and hockey should embrace it.

By: Daniel Murray


NY Rangers Fall Again

17 02 2009

The struggling New York Rangers lost again last night. This time it was to the 14th ranked St. Louis Blues of the NHL’s Western Division. The final score 2-1 is a reflection as to how the Rangers are struggling as of late to score points. They lost Sunday afternoon to their rival Philadelphia Flyers 5-2, scoring their two goals in meaningless play after they had already been down 5-0.

During that game at home, Rangers fans started chanting ‘Fire Renney’ the Rangers head coach. They desperately need to do something to find a way to score. It’s over half the season and they don’t even have a 20 goal scorer. However, they only trail Philadelphia by 3 points for third place, but if they keep playing this poorly they could miss the playoffs.

The Rangers are considering bringing back LW Sean Avery in an attempt to possibly spark the team. Avery signed with the Dallas Stars in the off-season to a huge contract, but due to controversy the Stars want to release him. He was on the team last year and was a productive goal scorer and also was a gnat to other teams. People say he’s the most hated player in the league. 

The Rangers face off against another rival in the New York Islanders, who happen to be the worst team in the NHL. Hopefully they can muster up a win.  


Rangers lose to St. Louis 2-1

Rangers lose to St. Louis 2-1

By: Daniel Murray