Florida Panther’s Are On A Roll

21 03 2009

As a supplement to Shawn’s post below, I give you this.

Those lucky Florida fans. It’s probably 80+ degrees there everyday now, their team is making a run at the playoffs, and they have a crazy radio guy who’s always good for a few laughs.

I think this puts them over the top. (And the fact that I feel the need to say this is the censored version is awesome.)

Gotta love live TV!

– Gene Morris


A reason for non-hockey fans to watch

21 03 2009
Florida Panthers Stephan Weiss playing against Toronto Maple Leafs. (REUTERS)

Florida Panthers Stephan Weiss playing against Toronto Maple Leafs. (REUTERS)

Let’s be honest, not everyone is a hockey fan. Personally I prefer football, basketball and baseball myself.

In some cases, the most entertaining part of the game is when a fight breaks out or when someone gets put through the glass on the boards.

For sports fans looking for a reason to watch hockey, let me introduce Randy Moller. The energetic announcer from the Florida Panthers doesn’t just scream at the top of his lungs after every goal, but uses music and movie references constantly.

The Dan Le Batard Show posted this video that is becoming a YouTube sensation.


But wait . . . . there’s more!


Posted by Shawn Brown

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