Goalies Gone Wild

26 03 2009

The first, Tuukka Rask of the Providence Bruins went nuts after a ridiculous call in a shoot-out the other night.

Then Toronto veteran Martin Gerber goes nuts and abuses an official after a late goal, earning himself a 3 game suspension.

And now, via the Puck Daddy blog on Yahoo! which beat me to it, here’s a top 10 clip of goaltender meltdowns.

Love this stuff!

– Gene Morris


Stephen Strasburg Throws Hard

24 03 2009

Strasburg, a pitcher at San Diego St. is all the rage today after a feature story hit the front page of Yahoo! Sports this afternoon.

Here’s a video of him striking out 23 batters in a game! 23! Apparently he can bring it at 103 mph on the radar gun too. The fastest pitch ever recorded is 104 MPH by the Detroit Tigers Joel Zumaya.

And of course his agent, Scott Boras, will try to use this as an opportunity to blow up the MLB draft structure and create even more disparity between the rich and “kinda” rich teams.

Maybe he can be a Yankee!

– Gene Morris

Florida Panther’s Are On A Roll

21 03 2009

As a supplement to Shawn’s post below, I give you this.

Those lucky Florida fans. It’s probably 80+ degrees there everyday now, their team is making a run at the playoffs, and they have a crazy radio guy who’s always good for a few laughs.

I think this puts them over the top. (And the fact that I feel the need to say this is the censored version is awesome.)

Gotta love live TV!

– Gene Morris

A reason for non-hockey fans to watch

21 03 2009
Florida Panthers Stephan Weiss playing against Toronto Maple Leafs. (REUTERS)

Florida Panthers Stephan Weiss playing against Toronto Maple Leafs. (REUTERS)

Let’s be honest, not everyone is a hockey fan. Personally I prefer football, basketball and baseball myself.

In some cases, the most entertaining part of the game is when a fight breaks out or when someone gets put through the glass on the boards.

For sports fans looking for a reason to watch hockey, let me introduce Randy Moller. The energetic announcer from the Florida Panthers doesn’t just scream at the top of his lungs after every goal, but uses music and movie references constantly.

The Dan Le Batard Show posted this video that is becoming a YouTube sensation.


But wait . . . . there’s more!


Posted by Shawn Brown

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MacGyver the Movie; A (Soon-to-be) Instant Classic

17 03 2009

If I were to have made up a list of my heroes at the age of 10, it would have looked something like this (no family members included)…

1- Michael Jordan
2- Don Mattingly
3- Michelangelo (the turtle)
4- He-Man
5- Angus MacGyver

And now, MacGyver, that lovable mullet-headed villainous plot-foiling do-gooder himself, has his very own movie in the works.

In recent years, people have begun to catch onto the fact that MacGyver wasn’t exactly the coolest guy in the world. He lacked some charisma and his hairstyle quickly fell out of fashion as the calendar turned to the 1990s. But, if SNL and Pepsi are taking the time to poke fun at you after all this time, you must have done something right.


The NCAA Tournament Is a Fun Time!

17 03 2009

So says the Daily News in this article, listing the top 65 things about March Madness.

But, I’m going to go out on a limb and agree with them! Here are some of my favorite reasons off their list…

“53. The age-old quandary … cheer for your favorite team – or for your bracket?”

“45. Post-game press conferences that take on the look and feel of a White House press briefing after a failed stimulus bill.”

“19. Gathering around a 13-inch TV in the office when a game goes down to the wire.”

“9. Watching an underdog execute the game-plan to perfection like Gene Hackman’s squad in Hoosiers (Rollie Massimino played the lead role in 1985 and Pete Carril reprised it in 1996).”


Gene Morris Singing “My Immortal”

11 03 2009

This is what March Madness (America East Style) is all about

Video Credit to the one and only Michael Louis Kelly.

-carl carrie