An End to an Era? Bob Sheppard to retire?

1 04 2009

According to the New York Times, via his agent, Bob Sheppard, the voice of Yankee Stadium, and as Reggie Jackson put it, the “voice of God,” is retiring. However, Sheppard, when asked to confirm the information, he said, “I never said I’m not returning. I never, never said I’m not returning and I say it to you now.

Sheppard has been announcing games at Yankee Stadium since 1951, when the first lineup he announced included Hall of Famers, Joe DiMaggio, Mickey Mantle, Yogi Berra, and Phil Rizzuto.
Bob Sheppard, New York TImes Bob Sheppard, New York Times

-Carl Carrie


MacGyver the Movie; A (Soon-to-be) Instant Classic

17 03 2009

If I were to have made up a list of my heroes at the age of 10, it would have looked something like this (no family members included)…

1- Michael Jordan
2- Don Mattingly
3- Michelangelo (the turtle)
4- He-Man
5- Angus MacGyver

And now, MacGyver, that lovable mullet-headed villainous plot-foiling do-gooder himself, has his very own movie in the works.

In recent years, people have begun to catch onto the fact that MacGyver wasn’t exactly the coolest guy in the world. He lacked some charisma and his hairstyle quickly fell out of fashion as the calendar turned to the 1990s. But, if SNL and Pepsi are taking the time to poke fun at you after all this time, you must have done something right.


Gene Morris Singing “My Immortal”

11 03 2009

This is what March Madness (America East Style) is all about

Video Credit to the one and only Michael Louis Kelly.

-carl carrie

Beirut Performs “Nantes” On the Street: Video

4 03 2009

If you haven’t heard of the band Beirut, you should–perhaps solely for one youtube video.

In this video, Beirut vocalist Zach Condon initiates a jam session in the middle of the street, using garbage cans as percussion.

The video highlights, in my opinion, Beirut’s laidback, eager to please band personality, and it’s a lot of fun to hear Condon’s unique voice. I wish I was one of the people on the street!

Condon, right.

Condon, right.

Death Cab For Cutie’s Newest Music Video: Grapevine Fires

4 03 2009

If you haven’t gathered already, I’m a huge fan of Death Cab for Cutie.  Last year, DCFC came out with Narrow Stairs, a lyrical triumph and a mark of genius–one of my favorite albums of all time. I didn’t think they could top themselves but I was wrong.  The music video of the hit off of Narrow Stairs, “Grapevine Fires” is chilling and poignant, and in character with DCFC style, it speaks to you on a higher level.

The video, according to Filter magazine, was inspired by vocalist Ben Gibbard’s own experience with California wildfires.


Manny Ramirez Re-signs with Dodgers

4 03 2009

Manny resigned with the Los Angeles Dodgers of Los Angeles for $45,000,000 over two years.

Nice payday in this economy.

Manny Ramirez
Thanks Getty

-Carl Carrie

NYC Graffiti Asks, “Who Watches the Watchmen?”

4 03 2009

Apparently over the past few days, the popular phrase from the soon-to-be-release movie, The Watchmen, has been tattooed all over New York City. David Press of wonders whether or not this is a shrewd marketing campaign, or just a few devoted fans spreading the word.

It would seem to be just a few devoted fans. Press doesn’t elaborate on how widespread these messages are throughout the city..and in light of the city of Boston responded to the 2007 Aqua Teen Hunger Force attempt at a similar-themed marketing campaign, it is unlikely that Warner Bros. would take their stab at this idea.

Check out how they made the music video for the movie, featuring My Chemical Romance…