Ashley Biden’s Cocaine Tape…Non-Existent

1 04 2009

Over the weekend, rumors surfaced about a tape on which Vice President Joe Biden’s daughter, Ashley, was filmed snorting cocaine.

But, it appears no tape exists since no tape has surfaced yet.

Apparently, a “friend” of Ashley Biden’s offered to sell the tape to the New York Post for a great sum of money, but the Post turned the friend down. What has resulted is a tabloid frenzy over the story, which seemingly has no factual basis.

Joe Biden has been a longtime supporter of the war on drugs in America.

But what do you think? Would it even matter if Biden’s daughter had been caught on tape snorting, in lieu of our most recent presidents admitting to some recreational drug use in their own younger years?



The Political Vending Machine: Reverend Billy for Mayor of New York

1 03 2009

Reverend Billy is running for Mayor of New York City. Talen announced his candidacy today, at a rally in Union Square:

Talen will be representing the Green Party.

(by Jonathan Singer; photo courtesy of Facebook)

The Political Vending Machine: Elections in Israel (slash) Palestine

13 02 2009

During my last trip to Israel, I was fortunate enough to hang out with a Israeli anarchists. That was almost two years ago, and I still don’t know what to make of them. I think I pissed some of them off in the process of reporting my story. In that case, please forgive me. At least I got some good pictures:

On Tuesday Israelis voted in their parliamentary election. They had an eclectic choice of parties, from Kadima and Likud to the ultranationalist party Yisrael Beitenu. There is hardly any unity in the Israeli Parliament, and internal Israeli politics is one hindrance towards a solution to the Israel/Palestine conflict. On the flip-side, another hindrance is internal Palestinian politics, with Fatah and Hamas fighting for control of the Palestinian political scene.

(by Jonathan Singer; photo taken by the author on 19 June 2007)

The Political Vending Machine: Reverend Billy’s Church Undergoes Name Change

11 02 2009

Reverend Billy and The Church of Stop Shopping is now known as “The Church of Life After Shopping.” Their first performance under the new banner will be at the Highline Ballroom on March 8th.

From a statement released on Reverend Billy’s facebook:

“…We have stopped and we are starting something new. Our neighborhoods and Main Streets, shuttered by the big boxes and their big banks, are now blossoming again. There are record start-ups each week, usually family businesses. Organic farms and green markets are strong. People are meeting their neighbors and are trading with each other, skill-swapping and loaning tools. This last Christmas, indy shops out-performed chain stores. We shopped local. Local-a-lujah!…”

A Reverend Billy show features gospel songs advocating anti-consumerism and sustainability, among other progressive topics.

(by Jonathan Singer; photo courtesy of Gothamist)

The Political Vending Machine: Critical Mass

9 02 2009

It’s 18 days until the next Critical Mass, which isn’t that big of a deal because Critical Mass is a monthly event. From the website of Seattle Critical Mass:

“on the last friday of every month in over 100 cities around the world cyclists congregate together to ride in demonstration and in celebration. critical mass has no leaders and no set agenda and people come together to ride for many different reasons.
just a few of those reasons are…

to assert cyclists right to the road, to promote bikes as a fun, healthy, viable alternative to cars, to build a greater sense of community, to get more folks on bikes, or simply to celebrate bike love and ride in solidarity with other like minded individuals and have some fun!
overall the ride is what you make it!”

The legality of these bike rides is disputed, with police handcuffing riders in some large city rides and getting lots of people into trouble.

On the other hand, some CM rides are promoted in the news .

For more politics, check out our digital colleagues at JOTUS.

(by Jonathan Singer)