MLB Has Highest Number of Black Players Since 1995

15 04 2009

In recent years, Major League Baseball has taken hits for its players’ steroid use, All-Star games that end in ties, a lack of parity and more.

So, the study done by the University of Central Florida comes as a nice relief for the league that too often finds itself beleaguered with criticism.

The study shows that MLB upped its percentage of black players to 10.2 percent of its participants in 2008, its highest number since 1995. Especially in recent years, the league has faced criticism that it was not reaching out to the black community to spread the game to them, as well as receiving negative words over their lack of minority managers and general managers.



Adam Dunn, Bobby Abreu Sign

11 02 2009

Both OF Bobby Abreu, and OF Adam Dunn signed earlier today taking them off the market.

Abreu, according to’s reporter, Jon Heyman, has signed a one-year deal worth $5 million with incentives with the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. This adds solid depth to their lineup and outfield, with an already established slugger in RF Vladimir Guerrero. It does surprise me, though, that he only received a $5 million deal since he is considered a good free agent player.

Dunn signed a two-year deal with the Washington Nationals. After the Nationals missed out on the Mark Teixeira sweepstakes they needed to go out and add a face to the franchise. Dunn brings power and a good eye to their lineup for the upcoming season. 

OF Manny Ramirez is still out there, just waiting for a team to pick him up.


By: Daniel Murray

Mets Need Outfield Help

11 02 2009

Outfielder Adam Dunn

Outfielder Adam Dunn

As baseball’s spring training nears most teams are set and ready to enter the season with the roster they already have. However, the New York Mets need to add an outfield bat to their lineup.

The three best choices out there right now are OF Manny Ramirez, OF Adam Dunn, and OF Bobby Abreu. Each one of these players brings huge upside to a team, Ramirez adding the most value to any team, but also commanding the most money, which the Mets don’t seem to want to spend on him. $25 million a year is a little pricey.

With that said, the Mets could get great value from both Dunn and Abreu. Abreu hits for a better average, but Dunn has a more powerful bat.

The Mets need to add someone to protect 3B David Wright in their lineup. Their outfield isn’t awful, though, with CF Carlos Beltran being the centerpiece and OF Ryan Church playing a solid right field when healthy. But on the left side they are weak with an at best bench player in OF Fernando Tatis, and young player Daniel Murphy.

They improved greatly on their pitching, but are lacking that one last spark plug to really get the Mets over the hump.

Manny Ramirez offers the best value but if Dunn or Abreu is willing to sign a one or two year deal they are both huge possibilities for the Mets to sign, and as spring training nears their value continues to drop. Look out for the Mets to add Depth at the outfielding spot.

Outfielder Manny Ramirez

By: Daniel Murray