MacGyver the Movie; A (Soon-to-be) Instant Classic

17 03 2009

If I were to have made up a list of my heroes at the age of 10, it would have looked something like this (no family members included)…

1- Michael Jordan
2- Don Mattingly
3- Michelangelo (the turtle)
4- He-Man
5- Angus MacGyver

And now, MacGyver, that lovable mullet-headed villainous plot-foiling do-gooder himself, has his very own movie in the works.

In recent years, people have begun to catch onto the fact that MacGyver wasn’t exactly the coolest guy in the world. He lacked some charisma and his hairstyle quickly fell out of fashion as the calendar turned to the 1990s. But, if SNL and Pepsi are taking the time to poke fun at you after all this time, you must have done something right.





One response

26 03 2009

Good job Mike. I think you can probably have all of the Ninja Turtles on there and Master Splinter too.

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