Giants and Jets Make Big Splash in Free Agency

4 03 2009


DT Rocky Bernard now with the New York Giants.

DT Rocky Bernard now with the New York Giants.

Both the New York Giants and the New York Jets made significant moves over the last week bringing in free agents to their teams. They each added depth to their defenses, which will greatly improve both team.

The Giants free agents include: LB Michael Boley from the Atlanta Falcons, DL Rocky Bernard from the Seattle Seahawks, DL Chris Canty from the Dallas Cowboys, Safety C.C. Brown from the Houston Texans, and TE Lee Vickers from the Philadelphia Eagles.

Boley, Brown, and Canty are each onl 26 years old, so that adds even more youth to a young team. Boley’s speed will fit in nicely at OLB for the Giants. He will most likely become the coverage linebacker, and also used on the blitz. Canty’s massive 6’7″ size will be utilized at either the interior of the defensive line or as a defensive end. Brown will move next to, now second year Safety Kenny Phillips.

Bernard will be used as a defensive tackle, and is known around the league as a premiere run stopper. Vickers will be utilized in the passing game alongside TE Kevin Boss. The Giants added depth at all the crucial positions they needed to.

The Jets added free agents: S Jim Leonhard from the Baltimore Ravens, CB Lito Sheppard from the Philadelphia Eagles, and LB Bart Scott from the Baltimore Ravens.

Each one of these guys add depth for the Jets. With new head coach Rex Ryan, former defensive coordinator from the Baltimore Ravens, the Jets are trying to adopt that aggressive style of play and did so by adding Leonhard and Scott. Lito Sheppard may be on the decline, but is only 27 so with some good coaching he may become the star he once was. 

Both teams should now be legitimate contenders in the upcoming season. The Giants still need to add another impact WR if Plaxico Burress isn’t back. The Jets need to come to a consensus on what they want to do concerning their QB problem, though.

By: Daniel Murray

LB Bart Scott now with the Jets.

LB Bart Scott now with the Jets.




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