What a shocker Sean Penn wins Best Actor

23 02 2009

What a shocker Sean Penn won best actor for portraying Harvey Milk in the movie titled Milk.

Did he really deserve this award? Probably not.

Mickey Rourke’s portrayal of a washed up wrestler was a tremendous acting job, but he basically killed his chances at winning best actor in the Oscars by saying something positive about President Bush when he won best actor in the Golden Globes.

Also, Clint Eastwood’s performance in Gran Torino far surpasses Penn’s role in Milk. It was a poor job by the Academy to not even nominate him for this.

I am in no way saying that Penn didn’t deserve a nomination but it was clear that as soon as he was nominated he would win no question. Penn is a great actor but his views sometimes get in the way of his acting.

There were better movies, and better actors this year. Dark Knight not even being nominated after making over a billion dollars was a joke. I dont know there were just a few questions in this years Academy Awards, but congratulations to Slumdog Millionaire for cleaning up winning multiple awards including best movie.

Mickey Rourke

Mickey Rourke




One response

23 02 2009
Mr. Melancholy

I saw this win as a chance for Hollywood to push their views us, whether we share them or not.

This was my first and probably last Oscars to watch because, though entertaining at times, they just use it as a podium to beat me over the head with their views… though it is me (us) who make them rich.

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