New York Rangers Fire Tom Renney

23 02 2009

While hockey may not be at the top of most people’s pop culture list, it’s still interesting news when any team from New York fires their head coach with 20 games left in the season.

But the best part is who the new coach is going to be – John Tortorella

His name might not be famous, but he’s a guy that speaks his mind, and a few years ago cursed out New York Post writer Larry Brooks during a post game press conference.

Can’t wait to see how that goes full time in New York.

– Gene Morris




One response

24 02 2009

Ah, I had been wondering where Torts would end up. He’s the right man for the job, and he wont take any bs from his players and the infamous NY media circus which surrounds all its sports teams (minus the Islanders :-D). You’ll be in good hands. I loved him when he was down here in Tampa. Hopefully he can find his edge again after failing to adjust his system of play to post lockout NHL standards.

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