The “Smart Guy” Is Definitely Tops

11 02 2009

In this battle of the smartest people from 90s sitcoms, the answer is a clear choice- Tahj Mowry’s T.J. Henderson from Smart Guy takes the nerd award.

Let’s go over the facts. T.J. has an I.Q. of 180, and skipped from fourth grade to tenth because the class material bored him. During the show’s three year run, T.J. served as a tutor to multiple students (including the school’s star athlete), got an internship in a project designed to find out how primates communicate with one another, got a full ride to the prestigious Bradbury Academy and is also a member of the distinguished “Mensa” society for the gifted.

Now, those are merely the academic accomplishments of young Mr. Henderson. He also showed he could combine his high intellect with some savvy street smarts at times. He figured out a way to get his father’s “Rooferman” commercial played during the Super Bowl, fills in at keyboard for his brother’s band and also meanders his way into getting to be the basketball team’s assistant coach—even head coach at times.

Now, Steve Urkel probably has the singular most impressive achievement, with his contraption that can change his appearance and DNA. But, let’s keep a few things in mind.

Urkel is a teenager throughout the entirety of his show, and never skipped a grade. T.J. is 10 years old and is the top of his high school class. Also, as far as we know, Urkel does not really have any hobbies besides intellectual ones. T.J. plays video games, basketball and has various interests (for example, tap dancing) which would take away from his study time. Basically, Urkel was smart, but he was one dimensional.

Furthermore, if I am allowed to borrow a Bill Simmons line, T.J.’s “tremendous upside potential” (TUP) easily beats out Urkel’s. As far as we know, Urkel has peaked in his intelligence with his identity changing contraption. T.J. is not even a teenager yet, and could have been capable of ever greater invention.

It’s so sad that we will never know.

BY: Michael Kelly




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