Mets Need Outfield Help

11 02 2009

Outfielder Adam Dunn

Outfielder Adam Dunn

As baseball’s spring training nears most teams are set and ready to enter the season with the roster they already have. However, the New York Mets need to add an outfield bat to their lineup.

The three best choices out there right now are OF Manny Ramirez, OF Adam Dunn, and OF Bobby Abreu. Each one of these players brings huge upside to a team, Ramirez adding the most value to any team, but also commanding the most money, which the Mets don’t seem to want to spend on him. $25 million a year is a little pricey.

With that said, the Mets could get great value from both Dunn and Abreu. Abreu hits for a better average, but Dunn has a more powerful bat.

The Mets need to add someone to protect 3B David Wright in their lineup. Their outfield isn’t awful, though, with CF Carlos Beltran being the centerpiece and OF Ryan Church playing a solid right field when healthy. But on the left side they are weak with an at best bench player in OF Fernando Tatis, and young player Daniel Murphy.

They improved greatly on their pitching, but are lacking that one last spark plug to really get the Mets over the hump.

Manny Ramirez offers the best value but if Dunn or Abreu is willing to sign a one or two year deal they are both huge possibilities for the Mets to sign, and as spring training nears their value continues to drop. Look out for the Mets to add Depth at the outfielding spot.

Outfielder Manny Ramirez

By: Daniel Murray




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