Who’s Smarter: Urkel or Smart Guy?

11 02 2009

Steve Urkel VS.    Smart Guy

So today, during a game of NBA 2k9, Smart Guy was on t.v.. This got me thinking, is Smart Guy (T.J. Henderson) of “Smart Guy,” smarter than Steve Urkel of “Family Matters. I asked fellow blogger, Michael Kelly, and he said T.J.. After pondering it over for a few seconds, I came to the conclusion that Urkel is much smarter than T.J. Here are the reasons why:

Urkel invented so many things, including The Urkel Bot, the Transformation Chamber which turned him into Stefan, the Super Urkel Duck Call, the Popcorn Chair, the Urkel Super Vac, and so much more. T.J. has not invented anything. Also Urkel was on one episode of Full House and an episode of Step By Step–can T.J say that? Did T.J. play basketball with Grandmama (Larry Johnson), or go out into space? Nope
And finally, does T.J. have a dance? I think not..check it out!

By: Carl Carrie




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