Fueled By Ramen’s VersaEmerge Releases EP

4 02 2009

Image Credit: Facebook

VersaEmerge released their self-titled EP with Fueled By Ramen after signing with the label in early December. The band, from Port St. Lucie, Florida, is comprised of lead singer Sierra Kusterbeck, drummer Anthony Martone, guitarist Jerry Pierce, bassist Devin Ingelido and guitarist/vocalist/programmer Blake Harnage. The band, originally formed by drummer Anthony Martone and guitarist/vocalist Blake Harnage while they were both in high school where they gained regional success by playing local venues. It wasn’t until its recent line-up that VersaEmerge began to gain fans outside their hometown. Though this is the band’s first EP relese on a major record label, VersaEmerge has released two other EPs in the past. Their first EP release was Cities Built On Sand and Perceptions.

Here’s a track from their EP

<a href=”http://www.imeem.com/jukeboxmusic46/music/F-bjKcLQ/versaemerge_clocks_ep_version&#8221; target=”0″> Clocks </a>

VersaEmerge is will be touring until early spring, first on the Secret Valentine’s Tour along with We the Kings, The Maine, The Cab, and There for Tomorrow starting this Friday. Then on the Craig Owens tour in March along with Ace Enders, The Color Fred, and The Gay Blades.




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