Review of ABC’s Version of Scrubs

2 02 2009

I have been an avid Scrubs watcher for about three years now, buying the old seasons to catch up to the present and watching the new shows on NBC the past two years. I was really excited when the show switched to ABC because I am not ready for the show to come to an end. Though the show probably will be ending after this year, it is good to see it at least get a proper farewell season—if this is it for the show—rather than last year’s strike-marred season being the show’s conclusion.

However, even I knew the show was starting to become a little stale storyline-wise last season. The writers seemed to be at a loss for new ideas. In the past year and a half it seemed all the writers could come up with to add some spice to the show was to keep having different characters have babies.

So, while I was excited for Scrubs to return this season I did have a little bit of trepidation that the season would continue the downward cycle of the show. Would I still watch? Of course, but mainly out of loyalty to the show and a desire to see its conclusion.

But this season so far (six episodes) has gone way above my expectations. The first show seemed a little slow in the going, but I think the writers felt a need to introduce all the characters a bit to the ABC audience. But, they have made a few great moves with the show this season (I’ll stay away from plot developments in case you have not seen the episodes and I inspire you to catch up)…

…The decision to keep the character of Bob Kelso around was a great move after he lost his job as chief of medicine, and also a nice way to end his character. While I think most viewers always thought he was very funny on the show, his character is a bit sadistic in the way he thinks of patients. This is a chance for viewers to feel okay about liking him because they can see his genuine human side. It doesn’t hurt that he has continued to be funny.

…The addition of the three new interns as strong secondary characters was a smart way to liven up the show, and inject a little bit of juice into the cast. There have been some rumors about these new interns becoming the main characters in a future season, if they do like a “Scrubs ‘The New Cast’” type deal, but that is in the future. As of now, the interns have added a few new storylines to the show, and also have allowed us to see the progression of JD, Turk and Elliot in how they deal with these interns, the first interns really given room for their own character development (Keith was just a pawn for Elliot).

…Lastly, the outtakes at the end of the show are priceless. Possibly, the best part of the show. Here is one below.

–Michael Kelly




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