Super Bowl?

1 02 2009

So, I admit I am a big time Giant fan and I can’t get to excited for a Super Bowl after last years great game. (And at 2:55 EST I just saw highlights of GSP’s beat down of Penn live on Sportscenter, the first time I ever saw MMA results on the show. Look at my last post.)

But yeah, there’s this big football game tomorrow at 6:30, pitting a really good football team (Steelers) against a team that got hot at the right time (Cardinals.)

But sports fans, I’m thinking if you want to see the best vs. the best, that football game tomorrow is only the third best match-up of the weekend.

We had GSP-Penn three hours ago. And in 30 minutes we have Federer-Nadal from down under in what should be a classic match. If Federer wins he ties the record for most grand slams ever. If Nadal wins the young Spaniard cements the fact that he is the new face of men’s tennis. I’m making sure I’m awake to see this match.

What a great sports weekend.




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