Concert Review: NYWC Live at the NYWC Sportatorium

1 02 2009

Ok, so NYWC isn’t a rock band, and the NYWC Sportatorium isn’t a sportatorium. NYWC stands for New York Wrestling Connection, and their sportatorium is actually a warehouse in Deer Park, Long Island. For those keeping track at home, “sportatorium” isn’t a real word, but the fights at an NYWC show aren’t real fights.

In the North American professional wrestling pyramid, NYWC is a far cry from World Wrestling Entertainment, but that doesn’t stop some guy from playing the role of Stockade. It also doesn’t stop NYWC microstars from being thrown through tables, or from selling bootleg copies of “The Wrestler:”

For some performers, NYWC is a place to start; the promotion is tied to a wrestling school, and unlike WWE, fans are openly invited to try this for themselves. For others, NYWC is a place to end. Former ECW wrestler Mikey Whipwreck can be found on the promotion’s roster, and last night’s main event ended with a mention of Whipwreck’s possible retirement. Whipwreck is 35 years old, and it’s not uncommon for a professional wrestler to pass away before the age of 42.

Hardcore fans know that the outcome of each match is predetermined, but that doesn’t stop them from cheering for Francis Kipland Stevens III or booing for Tony Burma. Colorful characters include Stevens, whose gimmick is that of a nerd, complete with sports glasses and wire frame build. If the fights weren’t fake, Stevens most likely wouldn’t be able to lift his opponent. But last night he had no trouble winning his match, dancing to his theme music afterward. To make things even more over the top, the theme music of Francis Kipland Stevens III is “Hypnotize” by Notorious B.I.G.

(by Jonathan Singer)




One response

6 02 2009
The Great Jim Londos the Golden Greek of Professional Wrestling

Its a nice warehouse. It is a great place to see great wrestling. Its like the old Sunnyside Gardens.

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