Ovechkin and Crosby Duel On Ice

5 05 2009

Penguins-Capitals. Crosby vs. Ovechkin. The two best players in the game squaring off in a playoff series. This is what the NHL needs to capitalize on and market in order to grow interest in the game. And of course those two guys need to play well. And they did not disappoint tonight in game two, as each player recorded a hat trick.
Penguins Capitals Hockey

Unfortunately for Sid the Kid, nobody else on his team scored besides him, and the Capitals won the game 4-3.

The series shifts back to Pittsburgh on Wednesday night, and hopefully the Penguins come back and make this series a classic. As much as I dislike both of these punks, you can not knock the talent and passion they bring to the ice.


Looking Forward to This Summer’s Movies

3 05 2009

May just crept across the calendar, and we can legitimately start to think about this summer’s movies. I found this preview of the summer’s offerings in the Dallas Morning News, it’s worth taking a look.

I had not seen previews yet for Public Enemy, but these two critics seem especially high on the movie, which features Christian Bale and Johnny Depp. Definitely seems to be worth a look.

Also looking good for this summer is the comedy scene- A Judd Apatom film (Funny People) and a movie featuring Sacha Baron Cohen (Bruno) will be coming out, and neither one of those made the best comedy film of the summer, at least for these two critics.


Harper’s Island- a Mini-series Worth Your Time

15 04 2009

If you are looking for a new show to check out, and have a taste for horror movies, give CBS’s “Harper’s Island” a look this Thursday night.

The mini-series follows a wedding party at a sparsely populated island off the coast of Washington. Taking a page out of Agatha Christie’s book, the show will see the majority of its cast killed off one by one, but whom the killer is will remain a mystery deep into the series. The first week of the show offered good storylines, solid character development and more than a little suspense.

The show, which premiered its first episode (there will be 13) this past week to rave reviews airs Thursday night’s at 10 p.m.


MLB Has Highest Number of Black Players Since 1995

15 04 2009

In recent years, Major League Baseball has taken hits for its players’ steroid use, All-Star games that end in ties, a lack of parity and more.

So, the study done by the University of Central Florida comes as a nice relief for the league that too often finds itself beleaguered with criticism.

The study shows that MLB upped its percentage of black players to 10.2 percent of its participants in 2008, its highest number since 1995. Especially in recent years, the league has faced criticism that it was not reaching out to the black community to spread the game to them, as well as receiving negative words over their lack of minority managers and general managers.


An End to an Era? Bob Sheppard to retire?

1 04 2009

According to the New York Times, via his agent, Bob Sheppard, the voice of Yankee Stadium, and as Reggie Jackson put it, the “voice of God,” is retiring. However, Sheppard, when asked to confirm the information, he said, “I never said I’m not returning. I never, never said I’m not returning and I say it to you now.

Sheppard has been announcing games at Yankee Stadium since 1951, when the first lineup he announced included Hall of Famers, Joe DiMaggio, Mickey Mantle, Yogi Berra, and Phil Rizzuto.
Bob Sheppard, New York TImes Bob Sheppard, New York Times

-Carl Carrie

Ashley Biden’s Cocaine Tape…Non-Existent

1 04 2009

Over the weekend, rumors surfaced about a tape on which Vice President Joe Biden’s daughter, Ashley, was filmed snorting cocaine.

But, it appears no tape exists since no tape has surfaced yet.

Apparently, a “friend” of Ashley Biden’s offered to sell the tape to the New York Post for a great sum of money, but the Post turned the friend down. What has resulted is a tabloid frenzy over the story, which seemingly has no factual basis.

Joe Biden has been a longtime supporter of the war on drugs in America.

But what do you think? Would it even matter if Biden’s daughter had been caught on tape snorting, in lieu of our most recent presidents admitting to some recreational drug use in their own younger years?


The Osbournes: Reloaded

1 04 2009

Ozzy Osbourne and his family have a new show, entitled “The Osbournes:Reloaded.” The premise of the show isn’t much different from their past shows (we’re a crazy family with a famous father…WATCH US!), but it seems that this show takes things a little too far. To fully get what I mean, check out the link above for the details of the first episode.